Gee Whiz!

Pssst…. guys… only two weeks until I’m COMING BACK TO THE TUMBLR!

Yes, I know. This semester has been super crazy and really, there is no one more depressed about my lack of updates on this blog than me.


Really, I promise when I come back… It’ll be with a bang….


I’ll let you ruminate on that, but for now, here have a suggestive Jack Frost.


(the text turned out whack but it says “Noses aren’t the only thing I can nip at”…. ;) Yeah, baby.)

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Is… Is that Loki?
Yes, yes it. More importantly that is Tom Hiddleston.

That man is so beautiful…. He is a god….


Ba-dum tsss
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Anonymous: Your comic is super awesome!! I can't wait for the next part!

Thank you anon! I can’t wait to have time to actually work on it.


Seriously, school needs to be over.


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magnoliaxsoulangeana: OMG ILOVETHAW it's so gooood <3 and your drawings are amazing <3 sjdhkjshdkjhdaks I can't wait for moreee


More will be out i promise, I just need this month to be over!

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Anonymous: Loooooove your webcomic it's awesome


no but really

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Guys Guys I’m not dead I promise. Like I mentioned before, school has gotten crazy because there are only 3 weeks left. So i have a bunch of due dates to focus on to make sure my grades are top notch this semester.


And to top it off, I am also working on my portfolio for a visual development internship this summer and that deadline is April 20th! Yay……….


BUT I can assure you that THAW will continue and thrive as soon as school is over and we shall all dance and be merry all across Tumblr, so please just hang on for a little while longer!

Thank you all for being so patient and understanding during these troubling times that are higher education.

Now, back to your business.

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Anonymous: hiii hello i saw your fanfic, which is amazing btw :)), and i just wanted to ask if i could kinda use the modern storyline as a fanfic idea? I just wanted to ask, just in case you saw it and thought it seemed a bit like yours :))) thank you x

Oh sure that’s fine, ha I got this idea from mixing a bunch of rise of the guardians fan fiction so it’s not exactly mine either. This is a very popular idea for jack and Elsa so no problems.

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wickedgreenphantom: Just wanted to say I love your Jelsa art and am so excited for your Jelsa comic.

Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

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Anonymous: Hey, don't worry about the comic deadlines. Your personal needs come first. Don't stress out about it. Take care, you're wonderful. ♥

Thank you guys for being so understanding. I really wanted Thaw to be a fixed installment but school decided to bounce back after spring break and everything just had to be due at the same time. Well, after this government exam things should get easier. Hopefully.

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I promise it won’t be like this for much longer. I’m really struggling with my classes and I have a bunch of deadlines coming up for this weekend so I’ve been trying to cram, and work on papers, and design projects so the comic has hit a bit of a wall. As well as me doing some major editing to the story line for the ending of this chapter. Well, I’ve felt bad so with the last 2 pages I’ll be posting them as i finish them just so that something Thaw related gets out.

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